brain activityVisualizations are a tool to help you take control of your intentions. The imprint from visualizations sets off electrical charges in the neurons of your brain. Neuron connections are strengthened by repeated visualizations. Through discipline you can create a permanent memory adjustment which influences your health, or any other goal that you set your mind to. In healing, visualizations are a tool to more closely align your intentions and train your thought patterns to be in line with your healing objective. A balanced physical, emotional and spiritual state is available to you. Set what you desire in your conscious mind, let your subconscious mind recreate what you intend.

We are creatures of habit: Most of our waking day, we revisit similar thoughts and perform similar activities that we have done previously. Deepak Chopra estimates that 90% of the thoughts we had yesterday we will have today and 90% of the thoughts we today will be experienced tomorrow. Yet healing is a process of change. Energy healing requires a real shift in a person’s energy system in order to activate our innate healing abilities. Your thoughts and intentions affect your entire being and the good news is that you can be in complete control of them.

For example, if you have a headache, your intention is for you to be pain free. A visualization however would be sending step by step instructions to your body as to how this should be accomplished.

For instance:

Visualize the blood vessels in the area of the pain, opening and allowing unrestricted blood flow.

Then visualize calming ripples of energy emanating from the area.

Imagine every muscle in that area to be totally relaxed.

This does not necessarily mean that you should not take pain relief medicine or see a doctor for more serious headaches. It means that through your focused intentions you can speed up the healing process with your visualizations.

Remember the story of a man on his roof during a flood. He was offered help a number of times by another person in a boat, however he turned the rescuer down, saying that God would save him. He eventually drowned and when he arrived in heaven he ask God, “Why didn’t you rescue me.” God replied, “I sent a boat to your rescue three times and you turned it down.”