Step Six for Life

Positive Thinking

The power of your own positive thoughts helps to balance your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual as­pects. This balance empowers each of us, making us able to achieve our dreams and keep us healthy. Stay in the now as the past is over and fears about the future are futile. Dream of what you truly love to do and DO IT. Only you can make a lasting change in yourself. By looking in-ward, it is possible to re-create yourself. Be aware of your feelings and your power to adjust and control them.

Put yourself into a quiet meditative state. Picture a three dimensional holographic image of yourself. This takes lots of concentration and practice, but once you master it, you will notice the benefit. Make it a perfect image of your-self. If your eyes are blue, imagine the image of yourself with blue eyes. Visualize it. Concentrate on seeing your eyes exactly as they look. Work on perfecting this image until it is a PERFECT image of you. Make it perfect in ev­ery little detail. Even someone who lacks imagination can do this.

Once you have this clear image in the front of your mind, repeat to yourself that you are all better and prob­lem-free. Have this beam of positive thoughts concentrate on the injured area. For example, if you have an elbow prob­lem, project these positive thoughts like a laser beam to-wards your elbow. DO NOT think of the problems. You do not have any problems in the image you have put in front of you. Think of the already perfect hologram with no injuries getting even more perfect. I know this can work for you because of what I do. I heal people with my ability to connect to their en­ergy hologram. Once I connect to a person, I use my thoughts to perform the healing work that I do.

I understand that this ability to connect to a person’s hologram is a gift. I also know that we all have the ability to make the connection to our own hologram and use the power of thought to heal. This does not come easy, but with the desire to learn and with some practice you will suc­ceed. By continuing to practice, you will find that it gets easier and easier, and that your ability to do this increases. Most people will find this a very effective method to main­tain their state of wellness.

The Connectedness of Everything….