“When a man (women) sits down in quietness to listen to the teachers of his spirit, many things will come to him (her) in knowledge and understanding.” Chief Dan George

Practice Meditation

meditateMeditation is quieting the mind, or stillness of mind. The goal is to shift attention from your conscious habitual thoughts to your subconscious so that you can listen to your wise inner self in a state of heightened awareness.  Habitual mind chatter drowns out your wise inner voice.

Being still means letting go of attention to this chatter. You can become a non-judgmental observer of your own thoughts, as if from a distance. Your intention to change this focus, along with deep breathing, will relax you and help to bring about a state of heightened awareness.

This state of heightened awareness provides a link to your subconscious mind. Your intention to see “a new vision of self” is actually reprogramming your subconscious software through links to the field of information available during this state.

Preparation for Meditation

  1. Practice meditation daily. Some people prefer to meditate each morning while others prefer evening. See which time of the day resonates best with you.
  2. Find a quiet place which is familiar to you; be in your comfort zone. Be sure that there are no ticking clocks, barking dogs or other distractions. As you become experienced with meditating you will be able to dismiss these distractions from your awareness.
  3. Take 3 deep diaphragmatic breaths slowly in to your maximum input; then exhale slowly and completely. See and feel your entire body relaxing. (3-2-5 method).
  4. From the top of your head imagine concentric circles of energy emanating a soft vibration or wave motion outwards from the centre of your body, starting at the top of your head and going down towards your toes. Do this until every muscle in your body is relaxed. In this relaxed state, your breathing has slowed.
  5. How long you meditate is an individual decision. Experiment with it and do what resonates best or feels most comfortable to you.
  6. Once you are in this meditative state, know that everything in your life is improving. Enjoy this feeling.

 Meditation Exercise

  1. Release all thoughts from your awareness (shift your focus).
  2. In your state of meditation, HUM at a low, steady pitch.
  3. Feel yourself rising up and above your physical self.
  4. Focus on ascending up through the ceiling, roof, clouds, sky,stars and connecting to more energy as you ascend through a web of energy.
  5. At the same time as your ascension, raise the pitch of your hum gradually to higher and higher pitches in synchrony with your ascension. There is always another octave higher even as it goes beyond the limits of audible sound.
  6. Imagine all of your cells vibrating to your HUM, as if you area guitar string resonating at the same coherent frequency. Get every cell vibrating together in unison.

Another Meditation Suggestion

During meditation, when in quietness of spirit, ask yourself a question. Ask for guidance on any topic or issue.  You will receive guidance from all of the connections that you have within, which includes your connection to the “field” of all information. This is called INTUITION.

Intuition is your personal, internal guidance system. Your intentions hold the controls of your guidance system. You are ultimately in control of your relationship with your past, present and future self, as well as your relationship with all others and the connections that you have and will make.

This sounds like an enormous responsibility, and it is! But you are up to the challenge, so be aware of your intentions and enjoy the journey!  It is called LIFE!!!