Step One for Live

Feel your own energy

In order to feel your own energy, rub your palms to­gether in a circle. Be sure to get the spot right in the center of your palms. Feel the generation of heat. It is your own energy. Then place your palms an inch apart and feel the magnetic push and pull feelings. Move your palms further apart until you can no longer feel your energy field. Play with your energy and have fun with it. Our energy system is what this is all about, so become aware of it.

This flow of energy is our life force. It is more impor­tant than any other body system, as it involves all of them. Better known are our digestive, respiratory, circulatory, metabolic and nervous systems. We have created lots of tests to measure the efficiency and health level of each of these. Since we have yet to develop a measurable level for our energy system, it is ignored. Yet, it directly affects all aspects of our health. Learn to feel it, work with it, and most of all – enjoy it.

Breathe Abdominally ….