Commonly Asked Email Questions

How do I book an appointment with Dr. Adam McLeod?
Unfortunately Dr. Adam McLeod is no longer accepting patients and no longer practicing as he has been pursuing other projects since fall of 2018.

Dr. Adam McLeod does not provide energy healing in his practice.

Contact Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic directly for information on his clinical practice, Dreamhealer and Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic are two separate identities. Dreamhealer is in no way affiliated with his Naturopathic practice.

How do I book an appointment through the Naturopathic Outreach Society nonprofit visits?
To book an appointment for an upcoming nonprofit trip please visit their website:

If you are in a remote community in need of Naturopathic care feel free to contact Naturopathic Outreach for more information on how to bring Naturopathic doctors to your community.

Can I get a private or one on one treatment with Dr. Adam McLeod?
As a licensed and registered Naturopathic physician Dr. Adam McLeod he is unable to provide any type of  individual treatment or medical advice outside of his patient base at Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic.

Please note he is no longer accepting patients.

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Can I receive continued education credits for attending Adam’s workshops?
We provide proof of attendance for those who want to apply for Continued Competency credits at their professional organization. After attending a workshop, members can apply on-line to: to receive a certificate of completion indicating the participant name, with date and registration # in Adam’s workshop. Credits given are at the discretion of your affiliated organization.

What is your mailing address?
442 – 6540 E. Hastings St
Burnaby, BC V5B 4Z5

*Please note this is not an office, only a mailbox. Please do not mail appointment requests or medical information to this mailbox, contact the clinic directly by telephone or email.

Should I change my medication for Adam’s treatment?
Absolutely not. Any changes to your medication should be discussed between you and your doctor. It is not necessary to change medications in order to use your intentions for healing. Your thoughts and intentions can be used in conjunction with any medical treatment.

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How do I know if I am doing visualizations the right way?
Adam suggests specific visualizations in Dreamhealer 2, Path of the Dreamhealer, Intention Heals and explains them further in both of his DVDs. The DVD’s show the visualizations in animation, narrated by Adam. These are guides for you and he encourages that you personalize them for your specific purpose and condition. It is best if you fully understand your condition and what your body has to do to heal. As long as you are using positive intention to heal, there is no wrong way to do visualizations.

What visualizations are on each DVD?
Dr. McLeod currently has two DVD’s available for purchase: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment and Heal Yourself. Here is a list of visualizations that are found on each DVD:

Visualizations for Self-Empowerment 
SEP orbit
SEP inhale

Heal Yourself
Breast cancer
Fat burner
Light injection
Mental acuity
Prostate cancer

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What visualization is best for my illness?
Some of the possible visualizations are clearly outlined in Dreamhealer 2 and also in both DVDs. Let your feelings and imagination guide you to the best visualization for your situation. It is also recommended that you consult with your doctor for more details as to where to focus your visualizations. Doctors are the best resource for this information. The more you understand about your illness the better you can visualize and tackle the problem.

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