Step Two for Life

Breathe Abdominally


Breathe deeply. Many people usually breathe very shallow breaths and are actually somewhat oxygen deprived. The body gets enough to function, but not as much as it would with full, deep breaths. Singers and athletes are very aware of how proper breathing enhances their performance. Air is necessary for all of us to reach our own maximum potential.

Breathe in through your nose and imagine filling your abdomen with air. Once full, exhale through your mouth and pull in your belly. Your shoulders should not go up and down with breathing. It may take a bit of time for you to develop good breathing habits, but stay with it. I know some people that make a point of deep breathing as they go for their daily walk. They count to four as they inhale, hold for another four and breathe out over four counts, increasing the count as their lung capacity expands over time. This is a good exercise to practice proper breathing. For more information and detail check out Adam’s collection of self-help books.

Ground Your Energy ….