Brittney’s Story

Three friends and I were traveling home from Edmonton where we had been on a shopping spree and we were hit head on by a drunk driver just outside the city. My friend Megan, who was driving and the drunk driver were killed instantly. Julie, who was a passenger in the front seat, walked away with just scrapes and bruises. Allie, who was seated in the back needed major surgery for two exploded vertebrates and a broken leg. I was the most critically injured at the accident scene. Upon the arrival at the hospital I was diagnosed with severe traumatic brain injuries including fractural injury…meaning my brain was twisted inside my skull and that resulted in extensive brain damage. And my pelvic bone had two cracks in the crouch area. My vertebrae had extensive cracks as well. I have a plate and screws in my left upper arm and my radial nerve is damaged. I also have a rod and pins in my lower right leg.

My mom had read an article in the National Post earlier last year about Adam having cured Ronnie Hawkins of pancreatic cancer. Immediately my Mom and her friend contacted Adam by email and he agreed to take my case. After my first treatment, which was four days after the accident, he reported that he felt I was deciding whether or not I was going to live. On my fourth treatment, my mom’s two friends were with me in the hospital room. They both had their hands in my body and ten minutes into the treatment one of them was thrown off her chair. It was from the excessive energy during Adam’s treatment. On my sixth treatment, two weeks after the accident, Adam worked on my brain. I woke up and reported having seen circle lines and right on that day, I had a dream that my friend Megan had been killed. The next day, I had sparks back in my eyes and was more animated.

I don’t remember the first two weeks in the hospital, although I was talking and had some recollection of my past. Over time, my prognosis changed from permanent severe brain damage to severe cognitive impairment. Then I was moved to a rehab hospital because my memory was returning. Gradually after one year I improved to the point where I have recently returned to my university studies.

My parents and my massage therapist are both here today to take Adam’s workshop. I’m taking the workshop so that I can continue to help myself heal. According to my doctors, I’m a miracle case and I’d like to thank Adam and his family for their help and I wish Adam the best in his future.

NOTE: Brittney is now married, working and living a normal, healthy life. She notes that the experience has been a personal transformation for her, and notes she is more intuitive than ever before.