female_body_anatomyBecome familiar:

With the area of concern in your body. Use all of your research abilities so you are familiar anatomically with your body, particularly focusing on the healthy functioning of your focus area. You do not have to become an expert at the anatomy of the human body. Just familiarize yourself with the area that you are visualizing the healing process of. Understand the problem to be healed and the body’s own healing mechanisms to accomplish this. Know exactly how this area should function when it is in it’s perfect state of health.

Become proactive:

It is your body and it is you who has to make decisions about your health. Take charge and learn about your health challenge. The more you understand about the process of regaining your wellness, the more accurate your visualizations will become.

Do the research yourself:

Have a good anatomy book handy with colored images. The internet is an excellent source of information to obtain very specific and graphical images of the body. Search on the internet for images on the part of the body you are interested in. If you do not have a computer, access the internet at your local library and check out their books on the subject. Your health care professional or doctor could assist you by clearly explaining the anatomy of the problem area to you, and its healthy functioning state. Make the effort. Whatever and wherever your health challenge is, you should be able to form a clear picture in your mind’s eye of your healing process.

Your Visualizations:

Send signals to every cell in your body that you are serious about regaining control of your health by defeating this illness. Take responsibility and control of your own healing process and become involved in the entire healing journey.  For instance, if your challenge is a cold, know what a cold really is. We all know when we have a cold but we could better understand the mechanisms involved so that can more accurately visualize what is happening in our body.

With a quick search on the internet you can find out that a cold is a contagious viral disease which affects the soft lining of the nose. With a deeper search you can find out what a virus is, what does the soft lining of the nose look like, where exactly is it located in the nose,  etc…. Usually a cold will last for a week to 10 days before the body’s natural immune forces figure out what to do with this virus and get rid of it.

You can experiment with your own visualizations on a cold and see how effectively you are able to shorten the average time you have it. Again, you do not have to become an expert on colds. Just learn the basics so you can more accurately visualize how you will assist in your own healing from it. In order to visualize turning your television on and changing the channels you don’t have to be a qualified television technician. You just need to understand the process so that you can accurately see it happening.