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Dr. Adam McLeod, ND, brings a scientific framework to healing with intentions. He combines subtle energy that he connects with as a first nations healer and cutting-edge biosciences to promote understanding of the healing process. At the age of 16 he wrote his first book ‘Dreamhealer’ and for the last 10 years has presented at conferences around the world showing audiences how to tap into their own innate healing abilities. To date he has written five best-selling books and narrated two DVDs. He has a First Class Honors degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He then graduated from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor. He practice is located at Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia where he focuses on integrative cancer care, providing integrative cancer care in Vancouver.

He is a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC. His background in molecular biology has helped him to develop targeted supplementation which addresses the unique characteristics of the cancer. Integrative cancer care is not about taking a large number of expensive supplements. It is about taking the right supplements in conjunction with the appropriate targeted therapies.

Adam encourages everyone to play an active role in their own healing. His message is for others to become self-empowered, knowing that their own thoughts influence their body’s biochemistry to assist in their healing process. Adam’s techniques can be used in conjunction with any healing modality.

Dr. McLeod has had a number of guest speakers at his conferences including Dr. Edgar Mitchell. He presented at the Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC conferences with Andrew Weil and David Suzuki. Adam was also the keynote presenter at the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention. More recently Dr. McLeod presented in a conference with Deepak Chopra.

Dr. McLeod also volunteers his time with the Naturopathic Outreach Society, providing free Naturopathic care to remote communities. If you are from a remote community or know of a community who would benefit from Naturopathic medicine feel free to contact Dr. McLeod by email.

More answers to your questions about the workshops can be found in FAQ.

Please note Dreamhealer is not affiliated with Dr. McLeod’s naturopathic practice. Please contact the clinic directly for information on his practice.

Dr. Adam McLeod does not provide energy healing in his practice. He is no longer accepting patients and no longer practicing as he has been pursuing other projects since fall of 2018.

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